Writing Argument: Does American culture tend to be more GREEDY or GENEROUS during the holiday season?

Today is Black Friday.  How did you spend it?  I can admit, in the past, the craze has seized me.  I’ve felt the pressure, the need, the desire to “stock up” on the things that I NEED SO BADLY!!  After all, the deals seemed SOOOOO remarkable!

This is the question at the center of the newest item up for grabs in my TpT store – does our society display more greed or generosity during the holiday season?

Through a series of articles and YouTube videos, students are to investigate the evidence provided to them – I’ve provided TEN rich, rigorous, and challenging sources for the kiddos to dig through.  Once they’re read through and tracked the evidence in their sources, the students will then prepare to take a stand; do they stand with greed or with generosity?

This lesson plan can take you as little as two class periods and as long as probably nine or ten, depending on how much of the article reading and investigating you want to unpack and do together.  If you’re looking for something to save you in these crazy weeks before break actually kicks off, I wanted to give my followers some something seasonal, but not cheesy – something challenging, but of high interest to teens.

For example, take a look at what I’ve included as Source #7:

Imagine the discussion that could surround just this one source!  Does this commercial capture greed  or generosity?  What are the rhetorical appeals?  The tropes?  The visual figurative language?  What is the argument of this advertisement, and what does it reveal about the culture surrounding the holidays?

This ten-page lesson (CCSS rubric included!) is available in my TpT Store for only $3.50!  Today through Cyber Monday, enjoy 20% off everything in the store…this is the best time to shop for your own sanity.  Save time in your classroom and make more space for time with your family and doing the fun kind of shopping that’s out there waiting for you!

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